Last night’s flat activity was to go down to an event hosted by the debating society, entitled “Is God Dead?” Tim Mckenzie was one of the speakers so I was really looking forward to it. But rather then telling you about the debate, I’ll tell you about the trip down there (it was at Rutherford House, Pipitea).

The event was scheduled to kick off at 6pm, myself and James were down at the flat at 5:30 so that we could all go down together and get good seats, as had been communicated to each of us separately by different people. Ruth had just finished her thesis after pulling an all-nighter and was trying to get 10mins of shut-eye prior to the debate. Jan txtd to say she’d be late…

Meanwhile, up on the overbridge there was a discussion group facilitated by Ben, about God and Suffering. His car was blocking the driveway and he wasn’t responding to txt’s. James ran up to see if he could get Ben’s keys. When he arrived they were having a time of prayer and James thought it best not to interrupt. When they’d finished Ben checked his phone, offered to give some people rides and headed down the slow way.

The previous day, Peter had borrowed my bike, and had forgotten to return the clicker to open the garage.

Ben arrived, then departed. We ran around the back to open the garage from the rear, used the clicker in James’ car, and drove out. We didn’t get to the road, his car was making odd noises, and fumes from the exhaust could be smelt inside the car. He put the car back in the garage, ran back around the house and we headed off toward the cable car. Approximately 20 metres up the street Ruth realised that she didn’t have her bag, but thought it may be in the car. We ran back around the house to the car to check. James returned with the bag, and we again departed.

There was a reason for getting the car, after the debate James was going to drive Ruth to a leadership training thinga-me-jigga out in Jville. Ruth was anxious about getting there, she was sleep deprived after-all. She received a call from her church pastor saying he could give her a ride, they were leaving in ten minutes. Ruth was celebrating whilst there was a feeling of anger and frustration because this was a flat-night, and Ruth was bailing at the last possible minute, and that after all we had done to try to get there. (Which was forgiven and forgotten not long after).

James and I arrived at Rutherford House, went in the back door of the lecture theatre, in time to hear the last person, and the Q & A session afterwards.

Hopefully someone who attended the debate (in full) can fill all of us in on how it unfolded.