Last Monday for flat night, those of us who were present went up to the Botanic Gardens and climbed a truly awesome tree. It is a great round tree, flat on top with a big hole in the middle where you can come up. There is plenty of room for people to stand, sit or even lie down comfortably, and the view is nice too. I have posted some photos to Flickr, though they do not really capture the awesomeness of this tree. It was also a bit dark, so I took a few more photos this morning in the sunlight.

Once it got too dark, we went down to the playground and enjoyed the flying fox and rocktopus, before heading back a different way and seeing a few glowworms. All in all, apart from the missing people, I think that it was a good evening.


My first post! whoop whoop! This post is loooooong overdue but yet it’s kinda updated. It’s been about 2 months since the first few of us moved in and it’s been a whirldwind of activity ever since in Rongopai!:) I have to admit, living in a HUGE flat with 7 other people has pretty exciting yet daunting at times. I’ve had a couple of people come up to me and tell me that if they were in my position, they don’t think they would be able to handle living with 7 others. Learning about each others’ habits and quirks have ensured bundles of laughs and occasional voice raising. Well, all part of the bonding process, right? 🙂

But I have to say, I’ve been really blessed by my flatmates. The late night heart to heart chats no longer are just confined to the night but happen anytime of the day. The sharing of life-our joys,stresses, struggles, disappointments, hopes, dreams,passions,enthusiasm for life and most of all our love for God and passion for reaching others for God and impacting our generation for Him constantly remind and encourage me of the purposes God has for our lives. It was not by chance or coincidence that the 8 of us ended up staying in Rongopai; it was divine planning. Each of us bring a set of strengths and weaknesses to the table but I know that God is using each one of us to sharpen the other(iron sharpens iron). Looking forward to the awesome journey ahead of us 🙂

Just a quick update(if you didn’t know already :P) the 7 in Rongopai have become 8.Here’s the newest addition to the flat!



I decided last night at Andrews suggestion that I should post the list of things I have learned since arriving at the KelpFlat. I is not yet exhaustive because I think the best way to go about this is to note them as I learn them and do the retrospective ones as they occur to me. here it begins (and this is the life skills list not the academic list as that is less widely interesting)

– a mousetrap is not only a device for confining small rodents but also a toasted sandwich with vege(mar)mite, butter and cheese
– the upstairs toilet flushes better when you pull the lever up rather than pushing it down
– hokeypokey can be made with golden syrup, water and baking soda (?)
– how to operate a cash register and eftpos machine
– josiah measures the milk in his tea by the amount he has to put in to see it rise to the top again and selects his tape based on the flavor produced when it is torn using teeth
– peter confirmed that andrew’s tape smells better than it tastes
– some walls are thick enough to necessitate two holes to create a conduit channel for ethernet cabling
– pudding is a generic word for dessert and not necessarily a set custard

stay tuned…