March 2008

With eight people we are fortunate to agree on so much of what we do eat. But this is not the case with peanut butter. Two flatmates love their peanut butter to contain sugar and two flatmates lamented that their peanut butter be tarnished in this way. The other half of the flat aren’t fussy enough to care, and are happy enough watching the row unfold. Not surprisingly, it was unanimously decided upon that peanut butter of each sort would be purchased. However, after an extensive search of supermarket shelves was made, sweetened peanut butter could not be found, and so sugarless peanut butter was bought in a double portion. The sweetened peanut butter connoisseurs were horrified to learn that they have to sprinkle sugar on top.

More food disputes and tales of compromise as they unfold…


mid trimester (spring ;-)) break priorities:

NCIS marathon

apple deserts

field day


Mt. Vic for breakfast/sunrise

…and heaps and heaps of work but anyway this list will spice it up a bit and should be added to in the spirit of letting the dream of a relaxing vacation run and jump and play about in our heads.

Yesterday was π day, and tonight (thanks to Jordan) we ate pie. It was good:

We finally got an Internet connection installed on Monday 25th February, and for a while had Ethernet cables running through the hallway (covered by left-over carpet in the doorways to prevent against tripping to some extent). On Sunday 2nd March, however, we installed some proper network cabling. We now have cables running from wall jacks in Josiah’s room (where the cable modem and router is) to similar jacks in Jordan’s and my room. It took longer than I expected, mostly due to difficulty drilling a hole through the wall beside my wardrobe door.

It ended up being quite a flat affair, as you can see in these photos:
Jordan and Peter trying to make a hole past my wardrobe doorJosiah and Elaine spectatingRuth was happyJanice in her usual pose

The end result (at my end):
An ethernet jack with a cable plugged into it

I decided last night at Andrews suggestion that I should post the list of things I have learned since arriving at the KelpFlat. I is not yet exhaustive because I think the best way to go about this is to note them as I learn them and do the retrospective ones as they occur to me. here it begins (and this is the life skills list not the academic list as that is less widely interesting)

– a mousetrap is not only a device for confining small rodents but also a toasted sandwich with vege(mar)mite, butter and cheese
– the upstairs toilet flushes better when you pull the lever up rather than pushing it down
– hokeypokey can be made with golden syrup, water and baking soda (?)
– how to operate a cash register and eftpos machine
– josiah measures the milk in his tea by the amount he has to put in to see it rise to the top again and selects his tape based on the flavor produced when it is torn using teeth
– peter confirmed that andrew’s tape smells better than it tastes
– some walls are thick enough to necessitate two holes to create a conduit channel for ethernet cabling
– pudding is a generic word for dessert and not necessarily a set custard

stay tuned…